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CSS Forms

2) Dress up your input/text fields: rounded corners, changing colors: The easiest way ever

What you need:
a) An image sprite (if you want the colors to change)
b) A CSS class to apply to your text fields
c) The :focus pseudo-class
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The days where forms had to be boring are definitely over. Instead, forms can and should be part of the overall design.

We are not designers, we just like pretty things (and pretty code). And we like it best if it all is functional and adds to the experience without limiting it. And while we do use jQuery for certain effects on other sites, these a pure CSS solutions.
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Got WordPress (on my mind)? (72,045 views)

When we initially launched our first blog (a long time ago), we did our research.
How should we go about it? What was available? How easy were installation, administration & upgrades? How do others do it? Should we write our own blog software?

Anyway, back then we made the informed decision to use b2evolution.
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Search Engine Simulator (7,929 views)

Frames, Flash, JavaScript-generated navigation structures, most images — these and more are all being ignored by search engines.

That’s why we created this little tool to help you visualize and demonstrate how your site looks to crawlers, robots and other spider-based search engines. All they are interested in is text. If your content is embedded in an image or a flash animation, chances are most search engines are ignoring it.

Try the Search Engine Simulator with your URL!

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What should have been a 5-minute Flash player upgrade, turned into a 3-hour search-and-destroy mission…

All I wanted to do this morning was upload a video to my facebook page (admission: yes, I’m on facebook). Naturally, after uploading it I wanted to simply watch it real quick and move on with my life. Or so I thought.

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Internet Search 2.0 by Google (18,017 views)

Google has done it again.

Once again they have re-invented internet search, and although the feature is too new to see trends (yet), my prediction is that it will become a raging success once people get the hang of it.

But it also means this:
While in the past search results were subject to the user’s scrutiny in a private setting, with no one else (but Google) knowing which search results a user deemed *worthy* visiting, re-visiting, or choosing as their solution provider, these choices now all of a sudden (can) become very public.

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More Google AdWords Phishing Emails (6,987 views)

Meanwhile pretty much everybody should be aware of phishing emails and how to spot them – no matter if they refer to your bank accounts (almost daily I receive emails asking to update my account information with banks I haven’t even heard of), your Paypal account, your ebay account, and most recently even your domain registrations with network solutions.

Nevertheless these emails keep coming, and users get trapped every day.

So here are the newest ones claiming to be from Google Adwords:
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I’ve posted the initial script from http://www0.douhunqn.cn/csrss/w.js in Part 1, but for those who either can’t or rather won’t load it themselves, here’s an outline of what it does, and the other files it loads and accesses.

All scripts in this post are images (they are screenshots so they will not harm your computer in any way), and you can see a larger version by clicking on each image. None of the links to the malicious scripts/files are live in this post, but they all are still working as of today.

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While the most recent SQL injection attack attempts are targeting MSSQL servers, chances are other databases will be targeted soon.

Of course it is and always has been good practice to double-check input, but maybe these attacks were the wake-up call some developers needed.

Basically every programming language is vulnerable, it is up to the developer and his diligence to secure his applications and prevent the success of such malicious attacks to the best of his knowledge.

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SQL injection attacks: Part 2: Answers (5,668 views)

While the effect yesterday’s post had was unintentional (I only wanted to complain about the effect those requests have on our and our clients’ server statistics), it seems that a lot more people than I would have anticipated are affected and are looking for answers.

So in this post, I am trying to provide help and some answers.

UPDATE (8-25-08): How to secure your forms and prevent future attacks

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