where's the salt?

In the past weeks, more and more clients are reporting infections with *Antispyware Soft* malware.

Antivirus Soft is yet another fake antispyware, similar to Antivirus Live and/or Spyware Protect 2009.

It imitates a system scan and claims to find multiple infections, no matter which shortcut you try to click on or which program you try to start.

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Too many tweets? (5,535 views)

How much is too much?

Twitter is over capacity.

Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.

Screenshot taken today, May 5 2010 @ 7:30 am PDT.

Twitter is over capacity


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Transparency Comparison
After many hours reading up on the caveats of transparency; after tabbing through many suggestions found on many websites, blogs and forums; after trying to create visible containers on top of invisible containers, changing positions from relative to absolute and back only to see layout go totally awry, I finally decided to create my own approach to display child elements that do not inherit the parent’s transparency setting.

This is not a fix for every single browser out there and for every possible scenario, but it’s working in IE > 6, Firefox 3+ and our current versions of Safari (4.0.3) and Opera (10.51).
(If you come up with a variation to make it work in additional browsers, please share your findings!)

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Add a Twitter Feed with PHP (71,247 views)

Add a twitter feed to your website

In the last post (Add a Twitter Feed with jQuery) we talked about how to add a twitter feed with jQuery, now it’s time to do the same with PHP. The whole idea was to get the same result by using similar methods provided by the Twitter API – and again it’s easier than you might think.

All you need is:

the twitter username/userID/screenname (preferably your own) of the feed you want to embed
and a few lines of PHP code.

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Although announced back in November of 2009 (Site Speed, Google’s Next Ranking Factor), it seems like this update has been overlooked by most webmasters, site owners and a lot of SEO-ers.

In a Webmaster Central Blog entry (Using site speed in web search ranking) dated Fri, Apr 9 2010, they finally made it official.

So give your pages a little overhaul and get them up to speed!

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Add a twitter feed to your website

Adding a twitter feed to your website is easier than you might think.

All you need is:

the jQuery library
the twitter username/userID/screenname (preferably your own) of the feed you want to embed
and a few lines of code.

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New project: magellanearth.com (2,377 views)

Magellan Earth
Following last week’s redesign of magellanworldltd.com, this week it’s time for the official introduction of magellanearth.com.

It is for our UK-based client Magellan World Ltd and provides information on Ground Source Heat Pumps:

"Recognising today’s need to provide alternatives to the use of fossil fuels, Magellan Earth in conjunction with Transen Sustainable Energy Systems, have developed a range of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) which harness the natural energy beneath your feet.

The ambient temperature from the ground is captured by the GSHP, amplified and used to provide heating and hot water.

GSHPs are an environmental solution that can reduce your carbon footprint by 80% over conventional methods."


New project: magellanworldltd.com (2,349 views)

We revamped the portal page for Magellan World Ltd and the new site is now live.
As of now it’s literally only a one-page portal, linking to all other Magellan World services and websites.

We didn’t want to complete abandon the new design we introduced for magellanworldpackaging.com, yet we wanted to do something a little different for the portal page.

We generally don’t recommend dark or black backgrounds, but in this case the main image inspired to play with a plain black background and a part of the image as an additional background effect.

The only change we made to the original image was to apply a gradient to the top and the sides to ensure its blending with the black background.

CSS textarea styling

3) Dress up your textareas: rounded corners, changing background & fixed scrolling background IE bug

Adding a sprite with rounded corners to add textarea field is almost the exact same procedure as described in Dress up your text fields.

With one exception: In Internet Explorer 7 the whole background image (in our case the sprite with both states) in the textarea scrolls by when a user enters text below the specified amount of rows.

An example form without the workaround is here: IE7 textarea scrolling background bug (you have to use IE 7 to see the effect).
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linux mint

As of today, the links to the Skype installation files in linux Mint’s software manager are broken.

For users running the live CD version, installing all updates via the Update Manager that might fix the paths is not an option as they will run out of “disk space” before the updates are installed.

Right now the only option is to manually download and install Skype every time.
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