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Branding Failure by Spelling (2,524 views)

Proper usage of spellchecker apparently is not included in the incredible price of this awesome workshop.


Application FAIL (1,952 views)

Maybe they should have APPLYD a little more diligence.
Or finished High School.
Or hired a proofreader.


Sing me up – FAIL (1,992 views)

Why you should always pay someone to proof-read everything. Especially the stuff on your homepage. Or stuff that’s on every single page. Or the widget that tells people to take out their wallet and/or credit card.


I can has cheezburger (Why we?) (3,016 views)

We received this (unaltered) email this morning. And while we get similar ones constantly, the grammar used in this particular one was simply too atrocious to not share it. Names, email addresses and phone numbers were removed to preserve some dignity. I bets they offers copyrighting service, too 🙂 Enjoy. ++++ original email ++++ We […]


Too many tweets? (5,535 views)

How much is too much? Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again. Screenshot taken today, May 5 2010 @ 7:30 am PDT.


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It seems the less I am looking for examples of bad grammar, atrocious spelling and other disasters, the more I seem to find. Maybe they should hire a team of real copywriters… Because they would have spotted the missing apostrophe as well. Or somebody else who will tell them that proofreading is everything, especially when […]


Over-achievers… Competition II (12,364 views)

Sometimes all it takes is one short sentence to sum up the quality of someone’s work: This is how they describe their work. They’re looking for partners. Anyone?


Dynamic Keyword Insertion Gone Wrong (2,407 views)

The best things usually happen when you least expect them. Like today, when I’m innocently surfing and searching for servers. Dynamic Keyword Insertion sure has its pitfalls: Ooops.

Checking on the competition is part of our business. And as long as the competition keeps supplying us with amusing slogans, we will be in business (this is an actual screenshot taken this afternoon from an unnamed competitor’s website): Just what I was looking for.. Free Consulation.