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3) Dress up your textareas: rounded corners, changing background & fixed scrolling background IE bug Adding a sprite with rounded corners to add textarea field is almost the exact same procedure as described in Dress up your text fields. With one exception: In Internet Explorer 7 the whole background image (in our case the sprite […]

As of today, the links to the Skype installation files in linux Mint’s software manager are broken. For users running the live CD version, installing all updates via the Update Manager that might fix the paths is not an option as they will run out of “disk space” before the updates are installed. Right now […]

2) Dress up your input/text fields: rounded corners, changing colors: The easiest way ever What you need: a) An image sprite (if you want the colors to change) b) A CSS class to apply to your text fields c) The :focus pseudo-class

The days where forms had to be boring are definitely over. Instead, forms can and should be part of the overall design. We are not designers, we just like pretty things (and pretty code). And we like it best if it all is functional and adds to the experience without limiting it. And while we […]


Got WordPress (on my mind)? (72,515 views)

When we initially launched our first blog (a long time ago), we did our research. How should we go about it? What was available? How easy were installation, administration & upgrades? How do others do it? Should we write our own blog software? Anyway, back then we made the informed decision to use b2evolution.