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If you ever wanted to insert a (random) thumbnail of another post or a gallery of thumbnails anywhere in your post(s), page(s) or even in your sidebar or footer without the use of a bulky gallery plugin that might not be compatible with your theme or another plugin you installed, thumbnails anywhere is for you. […]

If you are using Cufón font replacement in your web project, Microsoft has another surprise for you. Their newest release of Internet Explorer, IE9, does not render Cufón at all. Meaning: Everything on your site that you so carefully crafted – probably your menus and headers – simply don’t show up. Not even in ugly […]

If you want a convenient way to track your facebook shares and likes and have access to the “backend Admin Pages” facebook automatically creates when you have implemented all the necessary code in your page, this one is for you. Plugin Page Download


Facebook Share vs. Like (6,699 views)

We all know that facebook has eliminated the *Become a Fan* button and has replaced it with the more generic *Like* button. Like it or not. But there still are 2 different options to express your appreciation for an (external) page: You can *share* it by clicking the *share* button or you can *like* it.


Got WordPress (on my mind)? (72,464 views)

When we initially launched our first blog (a long time ago), we did our research. How should we go about it? What was available? How easy were installation, administration & upgrades? How do others do it? Should we write our own blog software? Anyway, back then we made the informed decision to use b2evolution.